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Do you want to be part of an International Women’s Organisation?

Do you want to make a difference to the lives of women and girls everywhere?

Do you want to work with liked-minded women?

Do you want to meet women from different walks of life?

Are you looking for a club which acts locally and thinks globally?


Interested? Then you’re in the right place


Join us today and you will belong to an organisation of women working to improve the lives of women and girls locally, nationally and internationally. Soroptimists are women – teachers, artists, scientists, clerks, entrepreneurs, voluntary workers, accountants, housewives etc. …. working, retired, in training or taking a career break – of all ages, cultures and ethnic groups.


Why Join Us?


We are an international women’s movement and together our Members are a global voice for women. Our achievements have a huge impact on the lives of women and girls. We are an organisation with special consultative status at the United Nations (UN) through the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).



We offer Club Membership:


The work of the Club is local, national and global. We apply the 3Es – Educate Empower Enable which include fundraising and campaigning activities. Join our Club, attend regular meetings and events and participate in our project work which is local, national and international whilst enjoying close friendships forged through regular Club attendance. Membership is open to all women and we welcome visitors to all our meetings. So, come and see us first before making any commitment.

For the year 2017 – 18, a total subscription of £100.00 per member for the year. This can be paid flexibly – e.g. as a lump sum at the start of the year or in two instalments of £50.00. Future, consideration is also being given to a potential monthly standing order option in-order to make it as easy as possible for all members.